Dougherty Sales
Representing quality manufacturers of electrical products
for the industrial and utilities markets
HDPE Duct, Specialty Duct, Cable in Conduit, Duct Accessories, Couplers, Bull-Line Pull Tape, Lubricants, Cable Prep Cleaners
XHHW, XLP USE, Type MV-90?MV-105 Power Cable, Underground Distribution Cable, Interlocked Armored Power Cable, Mine Power Feeder Cable. Type MP-GC, Aerial Cable, Type TC Tray Cable, Treck 90 Armored Power Cable and Teck High Voltage Armored Power Cable
Switching Solutions & Innovations for Electrical Distribution and Transmission.
Heavy Duty Rock Augers for Digger Derricks and Pressure Diggers. GUARANTEED TO OUTDRILL ANY ROCK AUGER IN THE WORLD.
Transformer Box Pads, Secondary Pedestals, Fiberglass Ground Sleeves, Sectionalizing Cabinets, Pole Top Extensions.
Grounding Equipment, Guying Material, Conductor Hardware, Equipment Mounts, Pole and Cross Arm Accessories, Washers and Fasteners, Connectors and Adapters.
Steel Tapered Traffic Poles, High Mast Lighting Poles, Lighted Overhead Truss Sign Structures, Lighted Cantilever Sign Structures, Distribution and Transmission Poles, Engineering and Design Support.
Potable Roadway Systems, Outrigger and Jack Pads, Ditch Bridge, Dozer Mats, Pole Jack Plates.
Utility Connectors, Power Distribution Connectors, Motor Termination Connectors, OEM Connectors, Submersible Connectors.
Pole Markers, Tags, Nails and Discs, Labels and Decals, Signs and Aerial Markers.
Flooded Batteries, VRLA Batteries, Racks and Enclosures, Chargers/Rectifiers, Power Quality Solutions, Testing Equipment.
Low voltage and medium voltage capacitor banks, padmounted switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, generator control assemblies
USS provides foam for setting and straightening utility poles (wood poles, steel poles, fiberglass poles, laminated poles), highway signs, and arctic vertical support members.
Maico Industries, Inc.